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Inspection is the process of regularly monitoring any equipment to ensure its continued operation and identify any possible area of premature failure. With the advent of the discovery of offshore oil and gas and the design, fabrication and installation of structures to exploit this natural resource, subsea inspection of these structures became a necessity. Subsea inspection is essentially no different from any other type of inspection, the major differences being costs incurred and difficulties involved.

The inspection of a weld in a fabrication yard may involve one man, a wire brush and twenty minutes. Inspection of the same weld in 120m of water may require a dynamically positioned vessel, fully crewed with marine and diving crew, six divers in saturation, sophisticated cleaning equipment, video cameras and one days diveable weather. Thus cost of subsea inspection may be 1,000 or more times greater than surface inspection. The costs involved in subsea inspection mean all inspection programmes must be carefully planned and scheduled. Inspection data collected must be useable, valid and, contain all the necessary details of any defect. Too little detail may require a mobilisation to collect more data, too much detail may waste diving time. Both incur considerable cost to the Operator.

Inspection may involve a number of inspection techniques deployed from several dive spreads. It is the job of the Underwater Inspector Controller to ensure data is collected in the most efficient manner possible, to be aware of the limitation of any inspection technique or type of dive intervention, and to report and record the data in a manner which allows the most use to be made of it.

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